Our Events

Team Jewson M.I.Racing host some of the best cycling events in the UK

They are accurately measured, well thought out, brilliantly marshalled and make for a day of excellent racing.  As well as the annual events listed below, the team director Mick Ives, also plans, organises and competes in many charity rides and corporate events that helps to raise the profile of cycling around the UK.

We set the standards that others try to aspire to

Mick Ives

Founder and Manager, Team Jewson M.I.Racing

Battle of Edge Hill Road Race

28th June 2015 Sponsored by Polypipe Organised by Mick Ives

With 90 gruelling miles and £2,500 of prize money this is the longest and richest race ever promoted under LVRC Rules

Omloop Road/Offroad Race

12 July 2015 Organised by Barrie Mitchell

The only Road and Offroad Race in the U.K for Veteran riders

Mallory Park Summer Series

Organised by Mike Twelves

Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening throughout the season including a Youth Series

LVRC National Time Trial Championships
Organised by Barrie Mitchell
LVRC National Road Race Championships
Organised by Mike Twelves For riders 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75+
3 Sportive Challenge Ride

Organised by Mick Ives

Dates to be confirmed:

  1. Jewson 5 Hill Challenge–80 miles
  2. Polypipe 2 Hill Challenge –60 miles
  3. GallifordTry 30 mile Challenge

Out of the Jewson Sponsorship I funded the Youth Team series at the Mallory Park Summer Race series, organized by Mike Twelves.  It was a huge success.


lrc youth prize night

Mick Ives

Founder and Manager, Team Jewson M.I.Racing